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A healthy community is a good place for all residents to live, work, go to school, raise children and enjoy leisure time.

People make a community healthy by inspiring unity and acting as catalysts for positive change. A healthy community builds on the strengths of its people and its institutions. It finds new ways to mobilize its assets to create the physical and social environment that nurtures healthy lifestyles and encourages people to reach their full potential.

A healthy community provides:

  • Housing that is safe and affordable
  • A diverse economy with jobs that offer a living wage
  • Health care services for all stages of the life cycle and quality medical care
  • Excellent education opportunities, responsible child care, accessible public transportation and recreational facilities
  • Respect for natural resources and the communitys historical and cultural roots
  • Public processes that give all residents a voice in decisions affecting their community
  • Active engagement among people of all races, cultures and religions

Across the country, organizations from different segments of their community are joining together in innovative partnerships to deliver affordable housing, improve health care, boost educational achievement and connect residents to good jobs. Read about local collaborations involved in:

BHC encourages you to adapt these model approaches to your own community and we can help!

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