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McAuley Institute Mission Statement

We believe that every person has a right to housing at an affordable cost in a setting that safeguards human dignity. Our belief is based on our faith in a God of justice and mercy, the example of Jesus Christ, and the spirit of Catherine McAuley, the first Sister of Mercy to open her home to the homeless.

As a national institute sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, we commit ourselves and our resources to stimulate the creation of housing, the empowerment of local residents, and the restoration of our communities for those who suffer most, especially poor women and their families. To realize our mission, we will:

  • advocate for a more just and equitable system of housing and, in conjunction with others, work to create change in the social and economic structures that perpetuate poverty;

  • provide and expand financial services for low-income housing development through a revolving loan fund and other church, private, and public sources;

  • provide a range of technical services crucial to the success of nonprofit housing development and improve the capacity of local organizations to build, maintain, and control their housing.

In our efforts, we will respect diverse cultural traditions, family and individual needs, and local environments in order to build communities that celebrate the dignity and vitality of the human spirit.