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What's New!

  • Women and Homeownership Initiative
  • Lead Poisoning Targetted
  • Women in Community Development Research
  • National TANF Conference Report Available
  • Internet Link to Fourth World Conference on Women

    McAuley Launches Women and Homeownership Initiative

    In June of 2000, McAuley launched a Women and Homeownership initiative. It is a national program to increase the number of women who own homes. In the first year, the program will be piloted in New Jersey; Washington, DC; Kansas City, Missouri; Kansas City, Kansas; and Houston. The goal of the program is to increase economic security for low-income women, families, and communities by making more homes affordable and accessible to women.

    To get more information, go to the Women and Homeownership page.

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    Campaign to Rid Homes of Lead Paint!
    New HUD Regulations will effect the rehabilitation and renovation of homes built prior to 1978.

    New federal regulations on testing and treating lead-based paint will go into effect on September 15 of this year. To be prepared, familiarize yourselves with the new regulations by requesting a copy from the Nationl Lead Information Center at (800) 424-5323. A copy can also be downloaded from www.hud.gov.lea. The document is titled Regulation on Lead-Based Paint Hazards in Federally Owned Housing and Housing Receiving Federal Assistance.

    Check with all building and construction contractors with whom you work to have them complete a HUD-approved lead safety training course. After September 15, 2000, HUD will not approve work done by untrained contractors.

    For additional information, see the HUD Website and the Spring issue of Enterprise Quarterly published by the Enterprise Foundation.

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    New Research Published!
    Women and their Role in Community-based Development

    An exciting study was recently published jointly by McAuley Institute and the Howard Samuels State Management and Policy Center at The City University of New York. The study is based on more than 140 in-depth interviews with women leaders of community-based development organizations in urban and rural sites in nine regions across the country including Boston, Chicago, Delta (Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas), El Paso, Houston, North Carolina, Oakland, Portland and Washington, D.C. For more information and to order a copy go to the Policy and Research page.

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    Welfare Reform and the College Option
    Summary of National Conference Proceedings

    In September of 1999, a national conference was held in Washington DC, bringing together over 260 representatives of the academic community, service providers, politicians, and most importantly, welfare recipients themselves. The conference was convened to discuss ways to guarantee low income women the opportuntiy of obtaining a college degree.

    The Howard Samuels State Management & Policy Center at the City University of New York Guaduate School and University Center of the City University of New York has compiled the conference proceedings. They are available from the City University of New York's website at http://web.gc.cuny.edu/howardsamuels.

    The Howard Samuels Center can also be contacted at (212) 817-2055.

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    US Women Connect Launches Internet Link
    US Women and Girls Given Access to the 2000 Review of the Fourth World Conference on Women

    The Year 2000 has been designated by the United Nations as "Women 2000" or Beijing +5," a time for governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) around the world to take stock of progress in implementing the Platform for Action adopted at the UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995. The new US Women Connect (USWC) website serves as the major NGO clearinghouse and Internet gateway for comprehensive Beijing +5 related Information and outreach in the US. USWC is also the US link to the "Global Communications Network for NGOs & WomenAction 2000," the prime online international NGO network for information-sharing and advocacy to follow-up on the Conference.

    Go to www.uswc.org for more information.

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