Responding to a Need

The cost of housing is a family's single largest expense. With market rents increasing and government housing subsidies decreasing, millions of working poor families are living in overcrowded, substandard housing, moving constantly because the rent is raised, or paying 50% or more of their monthly income for a decent place to live. The impact of these unstable living conditions on families and children can be devastating.

The Sisters of Mercy, who founded Mercy Housing in 1981, believe everyone has the right to a safe, decent and affordable home. They have taken their vision for housing justice and turned it into a national network of not-for-profit housing development and management organizations which serves more than 11,000 people.

Mercy Housing has developed and preserved 5,500 units of housing (including nearly 3,000 since 1996) and currently manages 106 properties in 14 states. The total asset value of our real estate portfolio is over $300 million and we have more than 500 employees and sisters working throughout the organization.

Mercy Housing's Sponsors

Eleven communities of Catholic women religious sponsor Mercy Housing. By becoming co-sponsors, these communities are demonstrating a belief in the work of Mercy Housing and a faith in our abilities to effectively respond to the housing crisis.


    Sisters of Mercy, Omaha
    Sisters of Mercy, Auburn (CA)
    Sisters of Mercy, St. Louis
    Sisters of Mercy, Burlingame (CA)
    Sisters of Mercy, Cedar Rapids
    Daughters of Charity, West
    Daughters of Charity, West Central
    Daughters of Charity, East Central
    Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace
    Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange
    Sisters of Bon Secours

The People We Serve

Over 10,500 people are living in Mercy Housing properties nationwide. The majority are working poor families; however we also serve senior citizens and at risk populations including the formerly homeless, people with HIV/AIDS and those with physical and mental impairments.

Currently, more than 3,600 children are living in Mercy Housing properties, the majority of whom live in single parent families. The average annual income of a typical Mercy Housing family of three is $14,968, which is slightly above the poverty level.

The Mercy Loan Fund

The Mercy Loan Fund is a revolving loan fund capitalized with $16 million in below market rate investments from communities of Catholic women, foundations, individuals and Catholic healthcare systems. Since 1985, the fund has made 229 below market rate loans totaling more than $76 million for affordable housing properties developed by not-for-profit housing organizations.

Our Core Values

The core values of Mercy Housing are:

Respect - A basic perspective and behavior which is attentive, considerate and shows special regard for the inherent dignity of persons and the sacredness of creation.

Justice - The fair and impartial treatment of others.

Mercy- The ability to see need and respond with compassion.

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