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What is BHC?
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What is BHC?

Building Healthier Communities was established by the McAuley Institute and Mercy Housing System in 1996. With the assistance of a National Working Group, BHC has supported local initiatives for community building and advocacy in Omaha (NE), Albany (NY) and Erie (PA) and has assisted local initiatives in Baltimore (MD), Buffalo (NY), Atlanta (GA) and Islip (NY). BHC evaluates requests on an ongoing basis.

BHC’s public policy network, with participants in 44 states, provides timely information on key issues and encourages collaborative cross-sector advocacy.

BHC partnerships produce affordable housing, offer economic security through meaningful employment, provide excellent educational opportunities and support health and social service systems delivering high quality care.

Initial funding for BHC was provided by Mercy Action Foundation and funding programs sponsored by the Mercy Regional Communities, as well as health care corporations sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy and other faith-based institutions.

National Working Group
BHC is guided by a working group of key leaders from the fields of housing, health care, education, human services and public policy. The working group members bring the varying perspectives and challenges of their diverse fields to the common goal of finding ways to collaborate to build healthier communities. New members will be joining the working group in 1999

National Working Group Members

Helen Dunlap
Shorebank Advisory Services
Chicago, IL and
Board Member
National Low Income Housing Coalition
Washington, DC

Nancy McDonald Paris
VP of Community Health Services
Georgia Baptist Health Care System
Atlanta, GA
Mary Ann Carter
VP of Mission Services
Catholic Health East
Radnor, PA
Joseph Pofit
Vice President
Planning and Communications
Mercycare Corporation
Albany, NY
Susan Vickers, RSM
Director of Advocacy
Catholic Healthcare West
San Francisco, CA
Maura Smith, RSM
Sisters of Mercy
Regional Community of Erie, PA
Maureen Joyce RSM
Executive Director
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany
Albany, NY
Kathy Thornton RSM
National Coordinator
A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby
Washington, DC
Sister Phyllis Hughes, RSM
VP for Healthy Communities Initiatives
Mercy Housing, Inc.
San Francisco, CA
Linda Werthman, RSM
Regional Community of Detroit
Farmington Hills, MI
JoAnn Kane
Executive Director
McAuley Institute
Silver Spring, MD

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