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Vision Statement

Rooted in the tradition of Catholic Social Teaching, we embrace a vision of a just world in which "humans can fulfill themselves as persons, where their dignity is respected, their legitimate aspirations satisfied, their access to truth recognized, their personal freedom guaranteed; a world where humans are not objects, but agents in their own history."1

To create this vision of a just world, we will develop a collaborative network of Sisters of Mercy-affiliated institutions and other faith-based organizations working in partnership with economically poor people, community-based organizations and the public and private sectors to increase human and financial resources dedicated to building healthier communities. Together, we will strive to create places where vibrant residents and institutions are actively engaged in creating programs, services, and policies that provide:

  • quality, affordable housing that promotes family stability, especially for women and children,
  • economic security through meaningful employment and entrepreneurial opportunities at a living wage, or, in times of need, adequate public assistance,
  • educational opportunities that nurture and challenge every child and adult to reach full human potential,
  • a health, wellness and social service support system that includes health promotion and high quality community-based medical care,
  • ongoing ways for residents and community-based organizations to participate in and influence the public debate, decisions and actions that affect their lives and communities.

1) The Church in the Present-Day Transformation of Latin America