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Events and Information of Interest to the BHC Network

  • Training for Organizers and Leaders
  • ColorLines, A Resource on Race, Culture and Organizing
  • New Religious Funding Guides Available
  • Child Protection Resources
  • New Study of Faith-Based Welfare Reform in Mississippi
  • Internet Link to Fourth World Conference on Women

    Training for Organizers and Leaders at the Midwest Academy

    Here is an opportunity to join advocates and community leaders from around the country to discuss the relations of power. Learn how to choose strategic advocacy issues, develop strategies, recruite leaders, and hold elected officials accountable to their constituents.

    Since 1973, the Midwest Academy has trained more then 30,000 grass roots leaders to win concrete improvements in people's lives. A nationally recognized training center, Midwest Academy works to build a more just and humane society.

    Upcoming training sessions are scheduled for

    • Chicago: October 16 to 20
    • New Jersey: November 13 to 17

    Get more information at their website,

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    The premier magazine on race, culture, and organizing

    Too often, race is ignored, stereotyped, or manipulated in public discourse - allowing lies and dangerous myths to be perpetuated.

    ColorLines is commited to publishing the best, cutting-edge thinkers such as Robin Kelley, Elizabeth Martinez, Eric Yamamoto, Ruthie Gilmore, Mike Davis, and many more. It contains in-depth analyses of topics as diverse yet interconnected as the war on youth, education, the prison industrial complex, international racial developments, and sports.

    ColorLines also highlights policy and organizing initiatives to promote racial justice in all areas. It also follows the arts, music, books and cultural organizing, and features important artists and trends.

    For more information and to subscribe, go to the ColorLines website at

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    Two Guides Recently Updated and Published

    2000 Religious Funding Resource Guide
    Published by ResourceWomen

    Packed with vital information about religious funders who support national and local organizations working for change in their communities, the Resource Guide is one of the best single sources of information on this topic.

    Open the doors to faith-based funding with one easy step. Includes Ecumenical, Episcopal, Jewish, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Catholic, Unitarian, Methodist and United Church of Christ funders.

    The Resource Guide saves organizations days of research and administrative time. Price is $85.00 per copy, or $95.00 for Libraries and Universities.

    Prepaid orders are accepted at:
    4527 South Dakota Avenue, NE
    Washington, DC 20017
    (202) 832-8071
    (202) 832-8078, FAX
    (202) 832-8073 TTY

    2000 Guide to Religious Community Development Investment Funds
    Published jointly by the National Congress for Community and Economic Development (NCCED)and the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility

    This Guide provides information on the investment policies of forty-four national or regional funds related to deonominations, dioceses, pension funds and religious orders. Most of the investors can be approached by either secular or faith-based developers of any religious background.

    For a limited time, the Guide is being given away for only the cost of shipping and handling to NCCED members ($3.00) and for $5.00 to nonmembers. List price will be $10 following this introductory period.

    Contact NCCED at:
    1030 15th Street, NW, Suite 325
    Washington, DC 20005
    (202) 289-9020
    (202) 289-7051 FAX

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    We Are in This Together
    Building a new approach to protecting children

    As the title suggests, community child protection involves a network of parents, community groups, religious leaders, business leaders, public and private agencies, schools and concerned citizens -- coordinating their work to safeguard children and support families. State and local child protection agency workers are reaching outside their offices, often for the first time, to join with new partners to keep kids safe from maltreatment, strengthen families and build stronger communities.

    In 1995, the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation began work with four locations to promote and support community child protection partnerships: Cedar Rapids, Iowa; St. Louis, Missouri; Louisville, Kentucky; and Jacksonville, Florida. Each community partnership shapes its own approach to community child protection based upon need, resources and local culture. Each partnership recognizes the importance of tailoring services to address the individual needs of children and families. Each understands that the goal of reducing abuse and neglect is best achieved as part of a larger system of community-based initiatives and priorities. And each understands that services to strengthen families must be made available before a crisis occurs.

    We Are in This Together is a report published by the Foundation describing their work to build a new approach to keep children safe, promote stable families and forge stronger communities. For more information and to request a copy, contact the Clearinghouse on Community-Based Approaches to Child Protection at the Center for the Study of Social Policy. They are located at: 1250 Eye Street, NW, Suite 503, Washington, DC 20005.

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    Religious Organizations, Anti-Poverty Relief, and Charitable Choice
    A Feasibility Study of Faith-Based Welfare Reform in Mississippi

    Religious communities currently offer many different types of aid to the needy using a number of differing strategies. In addition, surprisingly, there is a wide spectrum of opinions on faith-based welfare reform among religious leaders. A new study documents these facts in Mississippi.

    Funded and published by PricewaterhouseCoopers Endowment for the Business of Government, the study was completed by Assistant Professor John P Bartkowski and Mississippi State University and Assistant Professor Helen A. Regis of Louisiana State University.

    To get a copy or more information, go to the PricewaterhouseCoopers website or directly to information about the study at

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    US Women Connect Launches Internet Link
    US Women and Girls Given Access to the 2000 Review of the Fourth World Conference on Women

    The Year 2000 has been designated by the United Nations as "Women 2000" or "Beijing +5," a time for governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) around the world to take stock of progress in implementing the Platform for Action adopted at the UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995. The new US Women Connect (USWC) website serves as the major NGO clearinghouse and Internet gateway for comprehensive Beijing +5 related Information and outreach in the US. USWC is also the US link to the "Global Communications Network for NGOs & WomenAction 2000," the prime online international NGO network for information-sharing and advocacy to follow-up on the Conference.

    Go to for more information.

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