Issues That Matter
The Difference You Make
Action Alerts
Advocacy Tools

One of the BHC Network’s most important functions is to bring a strong voice to the debate on public policy issues affecting low income communities.

BHC Network members encourage their employers and employees, neighborhoods and friends to become more engaged in the political process through grassroots civic education on issues affecting their lives. They use the influence of their organization and its key supporters to promote initiatives which build healthier communities.

Issues, Actions and Advocacy Tools

Issues That Matter provides timely information about those key public policy issues most affecting healthy communities.

Action Alerts give the facts you need to understand key issues and engage others, including letters you can send to elected officials.

Advocacy Tools include sample articles and talking points you can use in your own handouts to share with your network.

The Difference You Make
By making your voice heard, you CAN make a difference. Here you’ll find updates on what happened on the issues that BHC Network members got involved in. We didn’t win them all – but the results may surprise you.