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The Difference You Make

Advocacy is tough work. You can't rely on high-paid lobbyists. You have to take time out of your busy day to convey your message. In addition, it's hard to see the fruits of your labor. Even when we have successes, we can't often revel in them because we need to move on to the next issue.

But your letters, phone calls and visits to and with your elected representatives DO make a difference! Let this space serve as your well deserved pat on the back. Here, we will highlight some of the legislative successes we've had; so you may know what a difference you make:

  • President Clinton asked for the largest request for HUD funding in 10 years in his FY1999 budget. Congress passed it in October 1998. It includes 90,000 new incremental housing vouchers, another first since FY1994.

  • 250,000 legal immigrants regained eligibility to food stamps after losing it when the welfare law was passed in August 1996.

  • The Senate passed the Higher Education bill with a provision to expand educational opportunities that count as work from 12 to 24 months, and to remove teen from the 30 percent educational cap.